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Datumcom to Offer Trimble's Products in Latin America

Datumcom and Bellsouth Chile venture together to provide AVL/GPS Services in Chile

Sky Trackers with New Technology in Vehicle Tracking

Datumcom Receives Recognition from United States Government


Use of Satellite Recovers Stolen Trucks 
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Letter from the National Police of Peru
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Letter of Thanks for the Recovery of Several Trucks, Guadalajara 
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Letter of Thanks from a Privately Held Company, Peru
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The Director of Information and Telecommunications for the Government of 
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The Minister of Transport and Telecommunications for the Government of Chile
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Our History

Datumcom Corporation is an international high-tech software and hardware company incorporated in 1995 and located in Delray Beach, Florida. Datumcom has successfully transitioned to become a major competitor in the mobile data applications segment. Over the years, Datumcom has become known worldwide for providing solutions to government, commercial, and private clients.

Our Business

Datumcom specializes in turn-key systems and customized wireless mobile data solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of our customers, including:

• Automatic Vehicle Location Systems & GPS
• Wireless Data Transmission
• Satelite Networks

Commercial Security
• Consumer Security
• Wireless Video

Our Partners

Datumcom recognizes that turn-key solutions for clients require a combination of different talents to make the implementation successful. In addition to hiring the best and brightest employees, Datumcom has created alliances to ensure that we can create and fulfill the visions of our clients.     

Datumcom has been technical partners with many quality companies:

Our Market 

Datumcom offers solutions to government, commercial, and consumer entities worldwide, including:

  • Police, military, and armed forces
  • Emergency medical services
  • Commercial businesses requiring fleet management
  • Railroad companies (for train, cargo, vessel, and container tracking)
  • Consumer agencies (for building and residential security, vehicle anti-theft, driver security, VIP tracking, etc.)
  • Anti-theft and vehicle recovery management

Our Objectives

Datumcom's primary focus is on the needs of our clients. We are committed to ensuring that Datumcom's customers are more than satisfied with the superior quality and value of our products and services.

Datumcom can design systems to your specifications, incorporating the latest in technology and standardized components to keep costs down and flexibility high. 








For specific information about Datumcom and our products and services, please Contact Us or send us Email directly: info@datumcom.com.
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